Born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, Sadiqua Iman Crutcher is an interdisciplinary artist that challenges preconceived notions of marginalized identities through theater, dance, poetry, song, and photography. She received an A.A. in Musical Theatre from Miami’s New World School of the Arts, her B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Dance at The University of Florida and attended Columbia College Chicago for her Masters in Arts Management with a concentration in Live and Performing Arts.


In 2011 she moved to Chicago and founded Earth Pearl Collective (EPC), a queer womyn of color collaborative effort to empower, educate, and promote a queer feminist aesthetic of social activism through the arts. She has produced, taught, directed, and performed around the U.S., Germany, Italy, and Japan, and continues to seek out artistic collaborations that promote creative systemic changes.