The Red Lineage Project is a global family tree made up of small fill-in-the-blank style poems contributed digitally and in-person. What is exciting about this project is that it demonstrates the poetic interconnectedness of every individual on the planet by allowing them to re-imagine their history, identity, and ancestry through metaphor.                               +Explore


Project Pilot | Strange Coupling Exhibition



Strange Coupling connects the University of Washington and the greater Seattle art community by pairing students with professional artists for a collaborative project. The work created by these pairings culminates in an event held off-campus at a unique location. 

CO:RE (Collaborative:Resourcing) is the "Strange Coupling" collaboration between Sarah Faulk (University of Washington) and independent local artist, Natasha Marin. CO:RE will provide a digital space for those who are often overlooked or excluded from capital-A "Art" to become creative partners through the Red Lineage Project.