It is exceedingly rare for recognized art institutions or publications to feature the work of children as young as 5 and 6 years old. This kind of recognition and validation for young artists, writers, and thinkers like your children, can go a long way to inspire a lifelong commitment to being creative and innovative. it's also a great chance to see the kind of brilliance that comes from children when they are taken seriously. The following is a pilot for a school-wide Red Lineage project at Arbor Heights Elementary School in April (National Poetry Month) of 2018.


Project Pilot | Strange Coupling Exhibition

For more than ten years, The Red Lineage project has been at the apex of art and activism. No matter where your politics may lie, I'm sure you will agree that a fundamental sense of community and belonging help us all to weather whatever storms may come. If there was a crisis, we know we could count on each other to advocate for our children-- for their right to love and belonging. 


Together we are powerful and communities can save the lives of individuals. It is fascinating how art and creative production function like a universal language-- pulling together disparate individuals across real and imagined boundaries. 

Everyone is Red.